Raging sunspot cluster announces return for third time by firing off solar flare - News9 LIVE

  • The solar flare responsible for the most intense geomagnetic storm in 20 years has announced itself with a solar flare while rotating into view for the third time..

Earth in Danger? NASA Predicts Asteroid Collision in 2038 - Moneycontrol

  • NASA’s latest simulation reveals a startling 72% chance of an asteroid hitting Earth on July 12, 2038. Know more details about the same here..

Warp drives may reveal alien civilisations by sending gravitational waves through universe - WION

  • While the concept of warp drives may seem like something out of science fiction, recent research suggested that these hypothetical faster-than-light engines could produce detectable gravitational wave signals and detect alien civilisations.  The idea of usin….

Sunita Williams stranded in space after NASA delays Boeing Starliner's return to Earth indefinitely, know why | Mint - Mint

  • Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams will stay in space longer as NASA delays Starliner's return, raising questions about timing as Boeing's crewed mission faces technical issues with thrusters and leaks..


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Animals that can see in the dark - DNA India

  • Animals that can see in the dark, bats, cats, Tarsiers, Aye-Ayes, darkness.

10 astounding cosmic images shared by NASA - Hindustan Times

  • 10 astounding cosmic images shared by NASA.

Internet buzzes over NASA's 'space potato': Meet Phobos, Mars's lumpy moon. See pic - Hindustan Times

  • NASA caught the attention of the internet with a picture of a "space potato". The image amazed many people on social media. | Trending.

Hidden Antarctic mountain range revealed by pink sands in South Australia - WION

  • Pink sands washing up on South Australian beaches have revealed a hidden secret of Earth's ancient past. Scientists have uncovered evidence of an ancient mountain range buried under the Antarctic ice, thanks to the discovery of a mineral called garnet at Petr….

Airplane-sized asteroid to pass Earth today: Know what NASA alert says - NewsBytes

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A low-carbon leap in ammonia production - BusinessLine

  • Lawrence-Berkeley Lab’s eco-friendly formula conjures a scientific spell to split nitrogen atoms without heat.

Dramatic energy imbalance discovered on Saturn - News9 LIVE

  • The energy imbalance on a planet is the difference between the amount of energy that it absorbs, and the amount of energy emitted back into space..

Is Jupiter's Great Red Spot only 190 years old not 300? Here’s the truth - The Times of India

  • Jupiter's Great Red Spot, initially observed in the 1600s, has evolved significantly. Recent research suggests the current storm, active for about 190 years, replaced an earlier feature that disappeared after 1713. The spot's shrinking size, now 8,700 miles a….

NASA Faces $80,000 Claim After Space Debris Hit Family Home - Asharq Al-awsat - English

  • An American family is claiming more than $80,000 from NASA after a small piece of debris fell from space and smashed through the roof of their Florida home, a law firm said Friday, AFP reported. The problem of space trash has risen in tandem with increased sp….

James Webb Space Telescope captures never-before-seen star behavior - VideoFromSpace

  • The James Webb Space Telescope has observed stellar outflow that are "all slanted in the same direction, to the same degree, like sleet pouring down during a....

Mathematicians Accidentally Found a New Way to Represent Pi - ScienceAlert

  • Our favorite mathematical constant, pi (π), describing the ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter, has taken on new meaning..

Reachbot: Revolutionary rock-climbing robot | Tech It Out - WION

  • On Tech It Out, we continuously provide updates on advancements in robotics. Researchers have recently created a robot resembling an insect, which could be h....

Water on Mars? Marsquakes may help reveal traces of liquid water in the depths of red planet - The Indian Express

  • A team of researchers from Penn State University in their paper has said that studying quakes on Mars could reveal traces of liquid water..

Why Scientists Are Intrigued by Air in NASA’s Mars Sample Tubes | WION Originals - WION

  • Tucked away with each rock and soil sample collected by the agency’s Perseverance rover is a potential boon for atmospheric scientists.Atmospheric scientists....

The Perseverance rover discovers some “popcorn rocks” on Mars that suggest the presence of water in the past - Softonic EN

  • The Perseverance rover belonging to NASA has discovered unusual rock formations in the Bright Angel region of Mars’ Jezero Crater, which scient.