Feathers grew differently on dinosaurs and birds - The Hindu

  • A fossil of a fierce little Chinese dinosaur dubbed the “dancing dragon” that lived 120 million years ago is showing scientists that feathers grew differently on dinosaurs than on birds.Wulong’s foss.

Watch as SpaceX’s newest spacecraft attempts to escape a fake rocket emergency - The Verge

  • On January 18th, SpaceX is launching one of its last big flight tests for NASA, one that could ultimately pave the way for the company to fly people to space later this year. For this flight, SpaceX will test out the emergency escape system on its new passeng….

Battery Upgrades Resume Aboard the Space Station on This Week @NASA – January 18, 2020 - NASA

  • Spacewalkers resume battery upgrades aboard the space station, a post-flight visit from a couple of recently returned space station astronauts, and a key pie....

Scientists are making oxygen from moon dust - Tech Explorist

  • Scientists at the European Space Agency say they have found a way of making oxygen from moon dust that contains 40–45% percent oxygen by weight..

NASA to build sustainable homes made of fungi on Moon, Mars - India Today

  • NASA plans to build sustainable homes made out of fungi on Moon and Mars in the foreseeable future.

436-Million-Year-Old Scorpions Reveal a Lot About Animals' Migration from Aquatic to Terrestrial Habitats - Interesting Engineering

  • The ancient scorpions are an important discovery in seeing how animals evolved from marine life to land life..

NASA Issues Alert Over Group Of ‘5 Asteroids’ Heading a Towards Earth Over The Weekend! Will It Cause ... - The Digital Weekly

  • NASA has cautioned that a sum of five huge space rocks will move toward Earth at the end of the week. As indicated by the organization, the most significant space rock in the gathering is more significant than the Washington Monument. The primary space rock t….

It’s official: the oceans are warmer than ever - BBC Focus Magazine

  • The amount of heat added to the oceans since 1995 is equal to 3.6 billion Hiroshima atom-bomb explosions..

New study names exact reason why dinosaurs went extinct - PanARMENIAN.Net

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World’s Shortest Lasing Wavelength Laser Diode Emits Deep UV Light - SciTechDaily

  • Nagoya University researchers say they have designed a laser diode that emits the shortest-wavelength ultraviolet light to-date, with potential applications in disinfection, dermatology, and DNA analyses. Nagoya University scientists, in cooperation with Asah….

Decoded! How key molecule for life’s origin reached Earth - The Financial Express

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Study: Pacific Ocean "Blob" Led to Unprecedented Seabird Die-Off - The Maritime Executive

  • The massive marine heatwavein the northeastern Pacific in 2014-16, known popularly as the Blob, has....

Claremore student semifinalist to name Mars rover - KJRH -TV | Tulsa | Channel 2

  • Claremore student semifinalist to name Mars rover.

Study Traces Evolution of Acoustic Communication Back to 350 Million Years Ago - SciTechDaily

  • A study tracing acoustic communication across the tree of life of land-living vertebrates reveals that the ability to vocalize goes back hundreds of millions of years, is associated with a nocturnal lifestyle and has remained stable. Imagine taking a hike thr….

Evolving Energy of a Solar Flare’s Explosive First Minutes Captured With New Radio Telescope - SciTechDaily

  • Toward the end of 2017, a massive new region of magnetic field erupted on the Sun’s surface next to an existing sunspot. The powerful collision of magnetic energy produced a series of potent solar flares, causing turbulent space weather conditions at Earth. T….

Walking with atoms: Chemical bond making and breaking recorded in action - Science Daily

  • Scientists have for the first time captured and filmed atoms bonding together, using advanced microscopy methods they captured a moment that is around half a million times smaller than the width of a human hair..

A Mysterious Burst of Gravitational Waves Came From a Region Near Betelgeuse. But There's Probably No Connection - Universe Today

  • First it was dimming. Then we detected a burst of gravitational waves. Betelgeuse is in the news, but it's not going supernova. Yet..

Scientists Form “Uncommon Steel” Packed With Entangled Electrons - Invest Records

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Water suction unit helps robots walk on walls - Electronics360

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Scientists created carbon-sucking 'Frankenstein' bricks using microbes. The material can spawn its own babies. - Business Insider

  • The brick contains bacteria colonies that grow when the atmosphere is humid. That could make it an ideal building material for a Mars settlement..