Artificial intelligence solves 50-year-old science problem - WION

  • For about 50 years, researchers have strived to predict how proteins achieve their three-dimensional structure, and its not an easy problem to solve..

Earth inching closer to Milky Ways supermassive black hole at 7kms: Study - Republic World

  • Based on new values drafted by the VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry, the Supermassive Black Hole is now sitting at 25,800 light-years from Earth..

The ExoMy is a programmable $600 Mars rover you can build yourself - Engadget

  • From Sojourner to the much bigger Curiosity, robotic rovers tend to come in all shapes and sizes, but few will go down as adorable as the European Space Agency’s new ExoMy rover..

NASA turns Bullet Cluster galaxies and Crab Nebula into space music - SlashGear

  • Using a technique called sonification, NASA has generated two new pieces of music based on data from notable celestial destinations: the Bullet Cluster and the Crab Nebula. As with previous sonific….

Fast-Moving Carbon Monoxide Gas Flowing Away From Star -

  • A unique stage of planetary system evolution has been imaged by astronomers, showing fast-moving carbon monoxide gas flowing away from a star..

How to watch a weird mini-moon that might be space junk fly near Earth today - CNET

  • NASA rocket booster? Asteroid? A small object known as 2020 SO will pass close to Earth and you can watch it live starting Monday, Nov. 30..

New tech can get oxygen, fuel from Mars's salty water -

  • When it comes to water and Mars, there's good news and not-so-good news. The good news: there's water on Mars! The not-so-good news?.

Computer-aided creativity in robot design - Nanowerk

  • A new system optimizes the shape of robots for traversing various terrain types..

Game changer in thermoelectric materials could unlock body-heat powered personal devices: Conversion efficiency improved by more than 60% - Science Daily

  • A breakthrough improvement in ultra-efficient thermoelectric materials, which can convert heat into electricity and vice versa, has great potential for applications ranging from low-maintenance, solid-state refrigeration to compact, zero-carbon power generati….

Caribbean coral reefs under siege from aggressive algae - EurekAlert

  • Human activity endangers coral health around the world. A new algal threat is taking advantage of coral's already precarious situation in the Caribbean and making it even harder for reef ecosystems to grow. Just-published research details how an aggressive, g….

Boston Dynamic's 'Spot' becomes a helping hand of Chernobyl - TechnoSports

  • In several places like the Chernobyl Reactor 4, where a human being doesn’t want to go. In 1986, the reactor suffered a catastrophic meltdown. Now, it is covered up in every possible way to keep its nuclear core contained. But in the end, the nuclear material….

Missions To Be on the Lookout for During the 2020s - Interesting Engineering

  • The 2020s will be a very exciting time for space exploration if the many missions proposed by space agencies and aerospace corporations materialize. Buckle up..

Researchers map electrons to move one step closer to better quantum computers - India Education Diary

  • Australian researchers have determined the ‘sweet spot’ for positioning qubits to achieve high-accuracy quantum computers. The research, published today in Nature Communications, showed precision p….

How to store cipher data in magnetic skyrmions - Nanowerk

  • Scientists propose direct magnetic writing of skyrmions, i.e. magnetic quasiparticles, and skyrmion lattices, within which it is possible to encode, transmit, process information, and produce topological patterns with a resolution of less than 100 nanometers..

New Durable Electronic Skin Exhibits Various Sensing Functions - AZoSensors

  • A material with the ability to mimic the human skin in terms of sensitivity, stretchability, and strength could help collect biological information in real time..

Raman holography - EurekAlert

  • Scientists from ICFO and University Rovira i Virgili report on a novel Raman holographic technique capable of tracking individual particles in 3D volumes from one single image..

Gut microbes: a key to normal sleep - EurekAlert

  • Researchers at the University of Tsukuba used a cocktail of antibiotics to deplete gut microbes in mice. They found that metabolites in the gut differed in these mice compared with controls. In particular, metabolic pathways involved in making important neuro….

Nitrino proves that our sun is going through another type of fission in its core. - Sprout Wired

  • Like all stars, our sun is powered by fission in the heavy elements of hydrogen. Atomic fission is not only what makes stars shine, it is also a major.

Researchers Discover Galaxy Surviving Black Hole’s Hunger -

  • Researchers have discovered a galaxy that has been managing to survive a black hole's hunger by continuing to birth new stars..

Chang'e-5's lander-ascender and return vehicle successfully separated - CGTN

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