Deadly virus from China has global health officials on alert | DW News - DW News

  • Health officials around the world are sounding the alarm over a deadly new coronavirus that has led to an outbreak of pneumonia in central China, where it's ....

‘Mid-life crisis is real, hits around the age of 47’ - Times of India

  • They found out that the peak time could be around the age of 47..

Soybean oil linked to genetic changes in brain, claims study - THE WEEK

  • Researchers discovered roughly 100 other genes also affected by the soybean oil diet.

Type 2 diabetes: Drinking this beverage for breakfast can help lower blood sugar levels - The Indian Express

  • The report suggested that the "super drink" could lower the risk of cancers associated with type 2 diabetes, including that of pancreas, liver and endometrial..

Fish oil supplements boost fertility in healthy men, finds JAMA study - Medical Dialogues

  • Denmark: Healthy men who consume fish oil supplements are likely to have a better reproductive....

Drop in flu cases doesn't mean flu season is coming to an end - KOAT

  • For the second straight week in New Mexico, cases of the flu are dropping Subscribe to KOAT on YouTube now for more: Get more Albuquerq....

Following Keto and still not losing weight? Here's what you need to know - Times of India

  • Losing weight and staying in shape is that one universal dream we all can relate to! No wonder, there isn’t anything better than staying healthy and youthful. In fact, for most of us making that little effort to stay healthy and fit seems like a daunting task….

Still sticking to that New Year's resolution diet? Try this delicious keto recipe - 9NEWS

  • The Keto diet involves limiting carbs, and instead focusing on fatty foods like avocados, fatty meats and cheese..

WNY families warn of RSV Symptoms - WGRZ-TV

  • Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube..

What foods lower blood pressure and make up the DASH diet - INSIDER

  • Foods that can help lower blood pressure include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and some fish. Many of these foods make up the DASH diet..

What to Know about a 'Double-Barreled Flu Season' - Healthline

  • Health experts say this has been an extremely unusual flu season. It started very early with a strain that we typically don’t see much of. Now, another strain is building momentum and creating a path for what’s known as a “double-barreled flu season,” in whic….

Sepsis Responsible for 1 in 5 Deaths Worldwide - Infection Control Today

  • Sepsis kills more than twice as many people worldwide than previously believed, according to investigators with the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle..

Learning more about cervical cancer - Denver7 – The Denver Channel

  • Dr. Emily Landers, a gynecologic oncologist at Sky Ridge Medical Center, joins Molly Hendrickson to discuss detection and prevention of cervical cancer..

New edible security tag for drugs can help prevent counterfeiting - Devdiscourse

  • The tags can last up to two-months without degrading the proteins..

Brain, Heart And Gut: The Many Ways Eating Walnuts Can Help You - Doctor NDTV

  • Walnuts health benefits: Walnuts were already famous for being beneficial for brain health. Now, a new study has found that eating walnuts can benefit your heart and gut health as well. Read here to know everything..

170 people sickened at Yosemite National Park after likely norovirus outbreak - CNN

  • About 170 people who've gone to Yosemite National Park this month are suffering from gastrointestinal illness, including visitors and employees..

China's new SARS-like virus has spread to Japan, but we still know very little about it - CNN

  • Fears are mounting across Asia over the cross-border spread of a new coronavirus identified in China that has killed one patient and sickened dozens, as health authorities race to identify the source of the pathogen..

Despite outbreak, Ebola treatment and vaccine represent 'resounding scientific success' - PBS NewsHour

  • Recently, the FDA formally approved the first vaccine to prevent the Ebola virus. The advance comes at a crucial time, as Democratic Republic of Congo is suf....

Family mourning 12-year-old Maryville girl they say died of the flu - WBIR

  • According to her obituary, Paloma Olivia Harris of Blount County died on Jan. 14, 2020 at UT Medical Center. She is one 3 flu deaths at UT Medical Center thi....

Half of students out with flu at one school - WCVB Channel 5 Boston

  • Nearly half of a Hudson elementary school students were absent from school on Wednesday after an outbreak of the flu, a school official said. Subscribe to WC....