Blue light emanating from phone, computer may shorten lifespan, finds study - Specialty Medical Dialogues

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Weight loss: Chrono-nutrition is effective for shedding kilos - The Asian Age

  • Timing your meals can help you achieve weight loss goals..

7 reasons why your periods are missing and you are not pregnant - Times of India

  • Ladies, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you miss your periods? Am I pregnant? Right?

    According to experts, the first thing that most women think when they miss their period is if they are pregnant. But allow us to break th….

Fat Can Accumulate Inside Lungs Of Obese People And Increase Asthma Risk: Study; Other Health Hazards Of Obesity - Doctor NDTV

  • Obesity and Lung: According to a recent study, there is a relation between obesity and lung health. Researchers have found that fatty tissues accumulate in the airway walls, particularly in people who are overweight or obese..

Colorectal and pancreatic cancer rates up 10% in last 30 years, major study reveals - Medical Xpress

  • The results of a major study across 195 countries, presented today at UEG Week Barcelona 2019, indicate that global death rates for pancreatic cancer and incidence rates for colorectal cancer both increased by 10 percent between 1990 and 2017..

New Method to Predict Pregnancy Disorder Developed - News18

  • Researchers have developed a simple, low-cost way to predict preeclampsia, one of the leading causes of maternal-foetal mortality worldwide..

Immune Cells Reorganise and Repair Brain and Spinal Cord while We Sleep, Says Study - News18

  • Microglia serve as the brain's first responders, patrolling the brain and spinal cord and springing into action to stamp out infections or gobble up debris from dead cell tissue..

Weight Loss Exercises: 5 Reasons Why Climbing Stairs Is One Of The Best Exercises Of All Times - Doctor NDTV

  • Weight loss exercises: Climbing stairs is a great cardiovascular exercise that can help you with quick weight loss, reducing stress and anxiety and improving heart health. Read here to know more about why climbing stairs is a simple yet one of the most effect….

This virus is the culprit in kids’ paralyzing, polio-like illness - Hindustan Times

  • The polio-like syndrome, called acute flaccid myelitis or AFM, is very rare, and scientists have found the strongest evidence yet that a virus is to blame for a mysterious illness that can start like the sniffles but quickly paralyze children..

Decreased hormone production during pregnancy linked to risk of Autism spectrum disorder - Hindustan Times

  • Allopregnanolone, one of many hormones produced by the placenta during pregnancy, is so essential to normal fetal brain development that the decrease in the supply can cause Autism..

6 reasons why children become obese - NewsX

  • In the spirit of starting a healthy conversation around childhood obesity, consider these five main reasons why it happens..

How international scientific collaborators sideline African researchers - Down To Earth Magazine

  • Scientists from sub-Saharan Africa writing research papers on health in their own countries are often not named first or senior author, finds a study.

Antimicrobial resistance: Vardhan calls for action - Hyderus Cyf

  • Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise in India, with even resistance to the commonly used antibiotic clarithromycin on the rise. “The resistance to clarithromycin is rising among the Indian patie….

2019 ozone hole is the smallest on record: NASA - Deccan Herald

  • The ozone hole over Antarctica is the smallest observed since 1982, due to abnormally warm temperatures in the upper atmosphere that dramatically limited ozone depletion in September and October this year, according to NASA and NOAA satellite measurements..

Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Efficiently By Eating This Fruit For Breakfast; Even Better, It Is Weight Loss Friendly - NDTV News

  • Type 2 diabetes: A healthy lifestyle and diet can together play a huge role in controlling blood sugar levels. Read here to know how having avocado for breakfast can help in type 2 diabetes management..

All You Need to Know About Dry Salt Therapy - News

  • Are you suffering from breathing problems like asthma or bronchitis? Opt for dry salt therapy and get instant relief from the problem..

High Blood Pressure Remedies: These Seeds Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Numbers; Know Other Such Foods Beneficial For Hypertension - NDTV News

  • Hypertension: Some foods can help you control high blood pressure naturally. Along with a healthy lifestyle, there are some dietary changes which are helpful for hypertension patients. Similarly, flaxseeds can lower blood pressure, here's how. Know other food….

New mothers: Breastfeeding is healthy and it’s only your decision - TheHealthSite

  • Breastfeeding: Though breastfeeding is good for the health of the mother and baby, it’s mother's decision if she wants to breastfeed or not..

'How abuse by moms affects infant brain in rats decoded' - The Tribune

  • NEW YORK: Researchers have found the extent of brain damage in newborn rats from short-term abuse by their mothers, an advance that may help understand the mechanism behind psychological trauma due to parental abuse..

Plant-Based And Mediterranean Diet May Be Good For Your Gut Health: Study - NDTV Food

  • The results of the study suggest that plant-based and Mediterranean diets including legumes, fish, bread, nuts, and wine can boost gut bacteria that help with biosynthesis of vital nutrients in the body..